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Examples of Food Chain

A food chain is defined as the food links that exist between consumers, decomposers and producers, which begins with the flow of energy through photosynthesis.

Those that make up this chain are a set of organisms called the biological, biotic or ecological community, which share the same biotope.

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25 Examples of Food Chain

  1. Butterflies feed on the nectar of fruits and flowers.
  2. Bats eat butterflies and possums eat bats.
  3. Zebras feed on weeds.
  4. Zebras are eaten by crocodiles.
  5. Chickens eat corn, weasels eat their eggs.
  6. Snakes eat weasels.
  7. The earthworm feeds on the earth, the birds eat the earthworms.
  8. Cats eat birds and mice.
  9. Ticks are food for birds.
  10. The butterfly feeds on the nectar of the flowers, the toad eats the butterflies and the snake eats the toad.
  11. The caterpillar feeds on the oak leaf, the beetle eats the caterpillar, the shrew eats the beetle, and the fox eats the shrew.
  12. The squirrel eats the acorns and the owl eats the squirrels.
  13. The snail eats plants and the toad eats the snail.
  14. The grasshoppers eat the plants, the pigeon eats the grasshoppers, and the hawk eats the pigeon.
  15. Among the carnivorous animals are: lion, leopard, the necks eat each other.
  16. Plant, grasshopper, bird, snakes and owl.
  17. Plant, rabbit, snake, hawk.
  18. Plant, squirrel, fox, vulture.
  19. Plants, herbivores, carnivores, scavengers, fungi.
  20. Plants, cows, tigers.
  21. Leaves, ants, birds, cat.
  22. Plants, zebras, lion.
  23. Carrots, rabbits, foxes, zamuros.
  24. Corn, mouse, snake, owl.
  25. Insects, chickens, foxes.
  26. Plants, sheep, foxes.
  27. Plants, deer, lion.

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