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Examples of Force of Gravity

Force of gravity

The force of gravity is the attraction that two bodies exert on each other. This is generated because of the mass between the two, this means that the greater the mass of a body, the greater the force it exerts on other bodies.

This concept applies to all living or inert objects in the universe . The moon’s gravity is much less than that of the Earth because it has a lower mass, however, Jupiter has a much greater mass, its attractive force is greater. Apart from this, it is known that this is one of the weakest forces in nature and this is because in order to exert gravity a large amount of mass is needed in a single object , however, the force can be felt through billions of miles away.

Gravity in the universe

The gravity is something we can experience in every aspect of our lives, being able to walk from one side to another is clear indication of the gravity of the Earth and can even jump or throw objects on the ground which would not be possible without this force. On our planet the gravitational field is an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second squared, with this data it can be said that if an object falls from a certain height it will increase its speed by 9.81 meters per second.

The now known as the law of gravity or theory of gravity was proposed by Isaac Newton who points out that every body that has mass exerts gravitational attraction on any other object with mass, regardless of the distance between them, the greater the the greater the attraction. On the other hand Albert Einstein is another of the scientists who studied gravity to which he referred in his theory of relativity.

Examples of force of gravity

  1. The gravity exerted by the mountains in the clouds which makes them come closer.
  2. The raindrops.
  3. The movement of a pendulum and similar objects.
  4. The tides that are caused by the pull of the moon.
  5. The landing of airplanes in which the propellants exert greater force than the Earth’s gravity.
  6. The roller coasters.
  7. Leaves falling from the tree
  8. When a ball falls after being thrown too high
  9. The force exerted by the sun on the planets of the solar system
  10. The falls of the water sources in the falls
  11. The translational movement of the moon around the earth
  12. The flight of the birds
  13. The force a body exerts when lifting a heavy object
  14. The brake of a determined body when being lifted
  15. The functioning of water sources in cities

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