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Examples of Force

Force is defined as the ability of people to move an object that has a certain weight, although force is also used to hit and physically attack another person.There are several types of force reasons why they are handled in different ways including: contact force, distance force, gravitational force, magnetic force, reasoning force, static force, dynamic force, tension force, elastic force, the reaction force.

15 Examples of Strength

  1. The force applied to push an object.
  2. When lifting a barbell from the waist to the chest with the arms bent.
  3. The force that must be applied to move a heavy object from one place to another.
  4. The force that some people develop to lift a barbell of a few pounds.
  5. The strength that dancers develop in their arms to be able to keep their body elevated only by holding with their hands.
  6. The force applied when kicking a ball.
  7. The force of dragging an object.
  8. When people swim, they apply force to their arms and legs.
  9. In a baseball game when the player hits the ball.
  10. At the moment of throwing a stone.
  11. When the garden is being cleaned and the weeds are pulled by hand.
  12. By twisting a cloth to remove excess water.
  13. When the strings of a guitar are tightened when turning, force is applied.
  14. When riding a bike on a slope, force is applied to the legs.
  15. When driving a nail with a hammer, force must be applied.
  16. The force people use to push a car that is in accident.
  17. The force used by people who work carrying packages.
  18. Force is applied when washing a floor with a broom.

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