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Examples of Free Fall

Free fall is the movement of a body under the action of chasing a path which will be from top to bottom, it is called free because at the time of falling it does not have any type of friction force.

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This movement is one of the simplest since it does not have resistance forces, mass and weight are not included here.

20 Examples of free fall

  1. When a coconut falls from the palm.
  2. When you drop an object from a second floor.
  3. by dropping a toy from the shelf of a house.
  4. If a coin falls out of your shirt pocket.
  5. When an apple falls from your kitchen counter.
  6. Dropping a glass of juice from the table.
  7. When a tile falls from the roof of the house.
  8. When a hammer falls from the height of the ladder.
  9. By dropping an object from your hands.
  10. When an orange falls from the tree.
  11. When a hanging plant falls.
  12. When you are painting and the brush falls.
  13. When a tendril falls to the floor.
  14. When the soap falls in the bathroom.
  15. Drop a stone into the void.
  16. A light bulb falls out.
  17. When a bomb falls from an airplane.
  18. When an item of clothing falls off the clothesline.
  19. By throwing a stone into the river.
  20. When a building brick falls.

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