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Examples of Friction

The friction occurs when two surfaces collide, one exerts force on the other to generate movement, this results in a force that is contrary to the movement which is known as friction, it is also known as friction or rub , this force occurs because of the imperfections that exist between both surfaces and which are manifested when they come into contact. It is necessary to know the difference between static friction, the latter being a type of resistance that needs to be transferred to give movement to an object in front of another, on the other hand, dynamic friction is one in which there is a magnitude in constant motion between two bodies.

This force can be seen daily in many situations, basically when a body requires to move, it is necessary to exert a force with respect to the other body, in this way friction is generated, there are degrees of friction which may be more or less intense depending on the type of matter that makes up the surface of the object, when said surface is solid or rough the force will be greater and on the contrary it will be very low when the surface is gelatinous, slippery or gaseous.

The coefficient of friction is a type of value used to determine the size of the friction force between two objects and the force that makes them come into contact, it is represented by the letter  µ (Greek letter) and is pronounced “mu”, the Values ​​are usually above zero and may be higher depending on the material of both bodies.

Examples of friction

  1. The boats or boats that with the motor manage to generate enough force to slide on the water.
  2. Skaters who achieve high speeds on ice rinks because the surface generates low friction.
  3. The tires of a car moving on the asphalt.
  4. When hands are rubbed, heat is generated due to friction.
  5. The fire generated by rubbing two pieces of wood, friction produces heat and allows combustion.
  6. The blow of a whip on the skin causes injuries due to the strong friction.

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