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Examples of Fuels

The fuels constitute a flammable substance that is used by humans to perform tasks that are related to daily life such as cooking, heating use, among others. Fuels are characterized by their density and the moisture content they present.

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Fuels are classified into:

    • Organic fuels.
    • Fossil fuels.
    • Mineral fuels.
    • Fusion fuels.
    • Biofuels.

10 Examples of Fuels

  1. Benzene: Chemical element used to condense other hydrocarbons.
  2. Magnesium: Highly flammable chemical element.
  3. Propane: Together with gas they work as a domestic instrument (stoves, ovens, etc.)
  4. Natural gas: It is one of the examples of fossil fuels, it is a non-renewable resource.
  5. Vegetable oil: This fuel is extracted from seeds, fruits or stems and is used in different processes, both chemical and edible.
  6. Gasoline: Represents a fuel derived from petroleum.
  7. Kerosene: It constitutes a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons.
  8. Carbon: Composition of hydrogen, sulfur and other elements.
  9. Wood: Represents one of the types of fuels most used by man.
  10. Alcohol: It is produced through the fermentation of sugars.

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