Examples of game apps

Today there is no smartphone user worth his salt that does not have a discarded gaming app. And it is that both free and paid, the truth is that they have become an excellent hobby to take into account when you want to kill time in one way or another. For this reason, it is not surprising that they proliferate more and more for the two operating systems par excellence, Android and iOS.

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At present we can find from apps that have made the leap from the conventional video game platform to others that have directly become the queens of smartphones because they were created, in a more exclusive way, only for this type of alternatives.

Examples of game apps:

Game app examples: Candy Crush

Game app examples: Flappy Bird

Game app examples: Angry Bird

Game app examples: Tetris

Examples of game apps: Sponsored

Game app examples: Buble Gum

Game app examples: Pet Rescue

Game app examples: Iron Man

Game app examples: Zombie Catchers

Game app examples: Pac Man

Examples of game apps: Spanish checkers

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