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Examples of Geographic Depression

The geographical depression is defined as those areas that usually have a lower height than the regions that lie around.

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They can be located either below the water or it can also be a totally dry region, sometimes these are usually arid areas. There are several causes that can cause geographic depressions, one of the main ones being the faults of the tectonic plate.

10 Examples of Geographic Depressions

  1. In Argentina is the geographic depression of San Rafael.
  2. In Venezuela there is the depression of the murky Yaracuy.
  3. Death Valley located in the United States.
  4. The Great Basin in the United States.
  5. Lake Chapala depression located in Mexico.
  6. In Peru there is the Sechura depression.
  7. Qattar Depression located in Egypt.
  8. The Balsas Depression in Mexico.
  9. Salt lagoon depression in Mexico.
  10. In Africa there is the Afar depression.

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