Examples of Google Forms

The Google Form is a tool that allows users to attend any type of event, send surveys , ask questions or simply collect all kinds of information you need in an easy and simple way.

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In addition, these types of forms allow communication for educational use, which really makes it very interesting. Since you can: create multipage, show a progress bar, you can choose if the question is optional or mandatory, you can upload photos, videos, you can customize your form. This tool is widely used in the education part for teachers to keep up with their students.

10 Examples of Google Forms

  1. Incidents can be registered.
  2. Make a good choice of work for the students.
  3. You can receive and clarify doubts that students have.
  4. Records the use of certain resources.
  5. An event is easily planned.
  6. Save contacts and personal data.
  7. Video quizzes are easily made.
  8. The data is worked through graphs.
  9. You can create different sections.
  10. You can customize the messages.

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