Examples of Google Sites

Google Sites is defined as an online application with which a website can be easily and simply created.

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This application aims to allow anyone to have a website with which they share the information they want with a group of people at any time they want.

15 Examples of Google Sites

  1. Friends for health: website friends for health 2018.
  2. Books and language: web fill every space in town with books for better communication.
  3. Google Sites Help: A good place to get help with your questions.
  4. Ríos del llano: work that was carried out by the students of the ULA.
  5. Master’s team: web of educational centers of the sacred heart of Jesus.
  6. Franchise studies: everything related to learning delicateces.
  7. Sitomatic: this type of company is dedicated to the development of some websites.
  8. With the internet it is safer:  happy home, original by Pablo Méndez.
  9. Spiral tv.
  10. Get away ktw.
  11. K Suite: website to find the best and comfortable rooms to share with your loved ones.
  12. Cooking, desserts, meringues: this website created to share recipes and videos about the best dishes in town.
  13. Tribute to Rómulo Gallegos: website where you will find the best stories by this writer.
  14. Family united for peace: official website united family sows tranquility.
  15. Mathematics: web to carry out mathematical work.
  16. Project for closing courses: website that explains everything related to the steps to follow to develop a project.
  17. Healthy Planet Web: work done by the students of the experimental university.
  18. Kitchen kits: website with all the information on simple recipes for the little ones in the house.
  19. Rio pozo azul: website where you will find the best images and all the information you want to know about this wonderful place.

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