Examples of hemerographic record

What are the chips?

The cards are documents in rectangular card format, which are used to record and compile data extracted from bibliographic or non-bibliographic sources about an investigation. Among the types of files is the hemerographic file.

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What is a hemerographic record?

Hemerographic refers to documents that contain information related to publications such as magazines, bulletins or newspapers.

Therefore, a hemerographic record is used in the registration of information that identifies a publication article.

These tokens are white cardstock cards, some with lines, measuring 12.5 x 7.5 cm. They can also be done digitally in Office suite programs.

They should not be confused with a newspaper library . The latter is a kind of compilation of clippings that are stored according to the date and type of publication. It is the magazine, newspaper or bulletin sheet in question in which the article can be clearly read and which often plays a historical role . In many cases the sheet containing the article is cut out and pasted on a sheet of paper and some annotation is added.

Structure of a newspaper record

These tokens are easy to create. These are the main data they should contain:

  • Author
  • Co-author
  • Article title
  • Name of the magazine or newspaper
  • Journal number
  • Date
  • Page
  • Magazine description

Examples of newspaper files

  1. Journal Article Newsletter

Author of the article: CEÑEDO, Sandra.

Article title: The most stylish (and comfortable) accessories to carry your laptop

Publication title: Vogue Spain

Date: December 30, 2020.

Initial and final pages of the article: 18

Volume date: April, 1993

  1. Journal Newsletter

Magazine Title: Vogue.

Editor’s name: Eugenia de la Torriente.

Periodicity: Monthly

Publishing place: New York, USA.

  1. Newspaper Hemerographic Card

Newspaper: El País.

Direction: Javier Moreno Barber.

Publishing place: Calle Miguel Yuste, Madrid.

  1. Newspaper article newsletter

Title: El Tiempo.

Article title: Ancelotti was the bearer of bad news from James again

Place of publication: Colombia.

Date, number or title of the section: December 30, 2020; Sports.

Page: 15.

  1. Analytical Hemerographic Sheet

Author: SUAREZ, Hilda BALBIANO, Alejandro

Article Title: The Bay of Algae

Magazine Title: Very Interesting

Date: June, 2014

Page: 62

In Bahía Bustamante, there is a very good amount of seaweed. These algae are part of the great marine biodiversity of this bay, but they are also part of the wonderful variety of species in the world.

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