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Examples of herbivorous animals

The animals, according to the type of diet they have, can be categorized into:

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Herbivorous animals

The herbivores are those whose diet is based on plants, flowers, seaweed, fruits, seeds, wood, etc. However, in certain cases, some herbivorous animals can eat eggs or other animal proteins.

Classification of herbivorous animals

Also, it is important to say that not all herbivorous animals eat the same way. Thus, these can be subclassified:

  • Frugivorous animals . They are animals that base their diet (totally or partially) on fruits. Examples of fruit-eating animals are the bat, tapir, flying fox, bonobo, macaque, lemur, and the Bornean orangutan.
  • Folivorous animals. They are herbivorous animals that feed mainly on leaves. They are also called philophages or foliophages. Examples of these folivorous animals are the sloth, koala, howler monkey, iguana, slug, beetles, caterpillars, rabbit, buffalo, rhinoceros, cow, elk, etc.
  • Xylophagous animals. These animals eat wood. For example, termites, and beetles. The panda bear and the beaver also eat wood, but in less quantity than the previous ones so they are not considered xylophagous animals .
  • Granivorous animals. They are animals that feed on plant seeds. Examples of this type of granivorous animals are the lovebird, parakeet, nymph, certain insects, yaco, etc. Some of these, although they are based on their diet in seeds, also eat small insects so that certain granivorous animals cannot be called herbivorous animals . Those that are not herbivorous animals , but are granivorous animals (that is, they also eat other animals or insects) are: the hamster, pigeon, duck and turkey.

44 Examples of herbivorous animals

  1. Lovebirds
  2. I raised
  3. Alpaca
  4. Antelope
  5. Chipmunk
  6. Slug
  7. Bonobo
  8. Buffalo
  9. Donkey
  10. Horse
  11. Termite
  12. Goat
  13. Kangaroo
  14. Zebra
  15. Chinchilla
  16. Deer
  17. Guinea pig
  18. Rabbit
  19. Elephant
  20. Beetle
  21. Gazelle
  22. Hippopotamus
  23. Iguana
  24. Giraffe
  25. Koala
  26. Lemur
  27. Call
  28. Macaque
  29. Howler monkey
  30. Bat
  31. Nymph
  32. Bornean orangutan
  33. Caterpillar
  34. Panda
  35. Sheep
  36. Lazy
  37. Parakeet
  38. Rhinoceros
  39. Tapir
  40. Turtle
  41. Cow
  42. deer
  43. Yaco
  44. Flying fox

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