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Examples of Hermaphroditic Animals

The hermaphrodites are those having male and female organs that can be male or female so characterized as gametes.

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These types of animals can change their sex facially, this is a quality of some invertebrate animals.

20 Examples of Hermaphroditic Animals

  1. The earthworm.
  2. Flat worms.
  3. Crustaceans.
  4. The corals.
  5. The starfish.
  6. Varieties.
  7. Leeches.
  8. Water fleas.
  9. The sea spiders.
  10. The snails.
  11. Shrimp.
  12. Fishes.
  13. Frogs
  14. Salmon
  15. Marine Sponges.
  16. Sea dancers.
  17. Anemones
  18. Amoebas.
  19. Fresh water hydras.
  20. Ofiuras.

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