Examples of Heterogeneous Mixtures

We explain that what are examples of Heterogeneous Mixtures? heterogeneous mixture is one in which the two or more components are visible to the naked eye and are not evenly distributed. Its particles are covering the same volume, alternating with each other and do not react chemically . This type of mixture can be separated much easier than homogeneous mixtures , by physical methods such as filtration, decantation, sieving, among others.

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Heterogeneous mixtures can be composed of two or more substances in different physical states (solid, liquid, gaseous). It is because of this property, and because they are unevenly distributed, that each portion of the heterogeneous mixture is different from another that is taken at random. These include suspensions, supersaturated solutions, air polluted with dust and soot particles, sea water.

There are some heterogeneous mixtures that can become homogeneous . In the case of supersaturated solutions of water with salt, these substances will depend on the conditions to change their ability to mix. If they are heated enough, the water particles will be able to make way for the salt particles, incorporating them until they are uniform throughout the mixture, taking on a homogeneous appearance. The same thing happens with the combination of water and sugar, for example.

If a liquid heterogeneous mixture is allowed to stand, one or more of the components begin to settle to the bottom of the container. It occurs between water and oil, that if they are not stirred, they separate by densities , leaving the water under the oil. This makes it easier for the components to be seen with the naked eye. In contrast, in macroscopic heterogeneous mixtures such as a salad, ingredients such as fruits and vegetables can be observed.

60 examples of heterogeneous mixtures

  1. Water with oil
  2. Water with diesel
  3. Water with gasoline
  4. Gravel water
  5. Water with sand
  6. Zinc shot with sand
  7. Muriatic acid with zinc
  8. Alumina with sand
  9. Sand with stones
  10. Sand with table salt
  11. Peas with broad beans
  12. Concrete with rocks
  13. Rice with beans
  14. Beans with a little rice
  15. Beans with scrambled egg
  16. Granite, which is a mixture of various stone particles
  17. Pieces of paper with sawdust
  18. A coleslaw with fruits
  19. Sushi rolls
  20. Beans with marbles
  21. Beans with peas
  22. Granola, made up of various grains and nuts
  23. Energy snack of peanuts with dried fruits
  24. Pebbles and marbles
  25. Smog, which is air with combustion gases and soot
  26. Iron filing with sand
  27. Dead leaves and twigs
  28. The water of a river
  29. Honey water without shaking
  30. Sand with clay
  31. Sand with silt
  32. Mud with clay
  33. Olive oil with vinegar
  34. Peanuts with raisins
  35. A Neapolitan pancake, with raisins inside
  36. Beans with lima beans and corn kernels
  37. Chickpeas with corn kernels
  38. Wood chips with stones
  39. Broad beans with beans
  40. Pasta of different shapes
  41. Pasta salad, mayonnaise, tuna, carrot and potato
  42. Vegetables soup
  43. A lava lamp
  44. Water from a fish tank
  45. Amoxicillin suspension, which is a mixture of antibiotic powder and liquid excipient.
  46. The suspension of magnesium hydroxide Mg (OH) 2 and aluminum hydroxide Al (OH) 3 to combat heartburn.
  47. Penicillin suspension, made up of powder and liquid.
  48. Yogurt with fruit
  49. Yogurt with cereals
  50. Pickled vegetables
  51. A pizza
  52. A hamburger
  53. A paella
  54. A lasagna
  55. The spaghetti
  56. The stuffing of a Christmas turkey
  57. Cereal with milk
  58. Fruit with granola and yogurt
  59. Chili, which is a mixture of beans with meat and adobo
  60. French fries with ketchup

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