Examples of Honesty

We explain the examples of honesty in life. Honesty is that human quality in which people express themselves with truth, coherence and justice, which has to do as much with words, as with thought and deeds.

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The honesty is a very broad term, encompassing every aspect of our lives, so that someone can be considered honest  it should be at all times , which is why it is one of the most important qualities that people have.

Many people think that honesty consists only of not lying, but in reality it is much more complex than that, being honest also implies fair and sincere , but not cynical.

Although it is complex, it is not complicated, on the contrary, it is enough to be honest, first with yourself and then with others.

The honesty is a quality that everyone seeks to have and find in others, it is why it is an essential feature to have good relations with society.

30 Examples of honesty:

1. Accept when a mistake or mistake is made and never blame someone else for it.
2. Recognize the merits of others and more if they seem your own.
3. Carry out what is entrusted to us even if there is no one to supervise it.
4. Tell someone what you think of them in front of them and never speak behind their back.
5. Pay debts even without being asked to do so.
6. Give back to those who give us money or something else without realizing it.
7. Return the money or objects that are found and have an owner.
8. Do not mislead customers with misleading advertising.
9. Tell the truth even if it is hard to admit it or it causes us negative consequences.
10. Return what they lend us even when they have not asked for it.
11. Be sincere with your feelings and accept what you want and hate
12. Do not give objects in bad condition and say they are good
13. Do not praise people to get their approval
14. Do not follow a doctrine or philosophy in the that is not believed, just for belonging to a group or being popular
15. Do not support people who are harmful or who are not honest just to congratulate them.
16. Treat animals and weak or helpless people well even without someone in front of you.
17. Accept one’s indifference or discomfort towards some issues or situations despite the opinion of others.
18. Refuse to accept loans, extortions or illicit payments of any kind
19. Do not accept that something has been done that has not been done just to receive a congratulation or escape punishment.
20. Accept the situation, social position or condition in which one lives.
21. Accept that people’s ideas and feelings are not what you imagine.
22. Do not pretend that you belong to a group, social position or place to which you do not belong.
23. Do not use images of other people when referring to yourself.
24. Do not change words, spread false information about others or insidy against them for displeasing us.
25. Accept the mistakes or problems of others no matter how wonderful or perfect we create them.
26. Do not fake feelings for someone or something you do not have.
27. Do not make promises or offer rewards that will not be kept.
28. Behaving according to one’s own reality.
29. Honesty with one’s own body and appearance.
30. Do not hide to do certain things just for fear of what they will say.

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