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Examples of hydracids

The hydrohalic or hydrohalic acids are chemical compounds that arise from the combination of hydrogen atoms with halogen atoms (fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine). It is also the reaction to the union of atoms of chalcogens (sulfur, selenium or tellurium), with hydrogen.

Characteristics of hydracids

  • These compounds are binary and acidic in aqueous solutions.
  • Not all combinations of metals with hydrogens result in acids .
  • As for their nomenclature, they have two ways of being mentioned: traditional or systematic (stock). It is also usually indicated if it is an aqueous solution (aq or ac).
  • Concentrated solutions of hydracids often release white smoke.

To formulate these acids, if it is the traditional nomenclature, the word “acid” must be written and the suffix “-hydric” must be added to the root of the name of the non-metallic element.

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If it is the stock nomenclature, it starts with the root of the name of the non-metallic element and the suffix “-uro” is added, followed by the word “hydrogen”.

Uses of hydracids

As in almost all industries, these and other chemical compounds are used to make various products .

In the case of hydracids, they are widely used in the production of personal care and beauty products: shampoo, body cream, soap, cosmetics , toothpastes or creams, etc. Also used to unclog pipes, but in its more concentrated versions.

On the other hand, hydrochloric acid is part of the gastric juice responsible for making us digest food. This acid keeps our stomach pH at adequate levels for us to devour food.

Examples of hydracids

    • Hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chloride (HCL)
    • Hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
    • Hydrogen bromide or hydrobromic acid (HBr)
    • Hydrogen selenide or hydrogen selenide (H2Se)
    • Hydrogen iodide or hydroiodic acid (HI)
    • Hydrogen tellurium or tellurium acid (H2Te)
    • Hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride (HF)
    • Hydrocyanic Acid or Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)

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