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Examples of Impenetrability

Impenetrability is a term used to refer to the quality that some objects have to be impenetrable, in the field of physics it refers to the resistance that a body has with respect to another when it tries to occupy its space, this is because no body can occupy the space of another at the same time. When a material is impossible to be crossed by another body, it is said to be impenetrable and this can happen for example with concrete walls, armored tanks and it can even be applied in other contexts such as the borders of a country, in the same way it can be use to point out someone who is closed in on himself and does not show his feelings or ideas so that other people cannot understand his attitudes.

In that same aspect, it is said that something is impenetrable when it is difficult to understand, objects that store information that cannot be deciphered, this can be applied in other fields such as literature, for example when a poem becomes very complex it can be difficult to decipher the message that the author tries to convey and does so on purpose is seen as impenetrable.

Returning to the field of physics, an object is impenetrable usually when it is ordinary matter since it is composed of atoms united by means of electronic bonds and because of this composition it is that they cannot occupy the place of others in the same space, however this can be different when we talk about non-ordinary matter such as neutrinos since being elements of such small proportions could pass through ordinary matter, their size turns out to be approximately one millionth of what an atom is.

Examples of impenetrability

  1. Concrete block.
  2. Bulletproof vest.
  3. Armored tank.
  4. A door, it is necessary to open it to enter since it cannot be crossed.
  5. Two cars colliding, after the impact they do not merge but end up destroyed because they cannot occupy the same space.
  6. A safe.
  7. The vault of a bank.

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