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Examples of Inertia


Inertia according to the definition of physics is the property that a body has to stay in a state of rest or motion as long as the force is equal to zero. Inertia does not always appear in moving objects, it can also appear as the ability to change the temperature of an object when it comes into contact with another at different temperatures.

Inertia is widely applied in physics, mechanics, mathematics and a great variety of engineering, since it is in charge of studying the effects or reactions of bodies before certain sudden changes , in order to improve their resistance, verify their durability. and increase your security. An example of this is the study of the impact of car models against different objects at different speeds but especially the effects on the body of people inside.

The study of inertia has also helped man to reach space, since through experiments with it it was possible to determine the maximum speed supported by a human, the same for centrifugal and centripetal force. Inertia has been used by humanity since its inception, the movement of an arrow thrown with a bow, a spear thrown with the arm and later catapults and cannons base their operation on inertia.

Examples of inertia

  1. Pull the tablecloth off a table quickly without throwing anything away
  2. The whiplash or force that the body receives when having a traffic accident
  3. The sensation of a push in the opposite direction when accelerating a vehicle
  4. Quickly running your finger over a flame without being burned is an example of thermal inertia.
  5. Falling from a roller coaster gives you the strength to climb another slope smaller than the first
  6. The role of the seat belt
  7. When a heavy object is pushed
  8. Quickly win a tablecloth
  9. When the train stops and takes time to do it
  10. The use of adobe in living buildings
  11. Catch the ball that they kick hard to the soccer goal
  12. pedal a bicycle
  13. row a boat
  14. travel by airplane
  15. When an egg is raw or hard, a test is carried out by turning it on a flat surface. If it stops dry when placing a finger on it, it is because it is cooked, if on the contrary, when doing this, it turns a little more it is still raw.
  16. The heads of the cars were made to stop the head from rolling back, in the face of an impact.
  17. Spin washing clothes in the washing machine drum
  18. When driving a vehicle straight ahead and at a certain speed. When turning it will be difficult due to the inertia of the moving body.
  19. Wood has a high thermal inertia as it does not cool or heat easily
  20. The inertia that an elevator presents when going up and down makes those inside it feel a little jump.

There are two types of inertia, namely:

  • Mechanical inertia:  This is the difficulty that arises when wanting to modify the present movement or stillness. It all depends on the amount of the dough.

This type of inertia in turn is divided into:

Dynamics: it is the action that occurs in moving bodies

Static: action present in bodies at rest

Rotational : present in bodies that perform rotary movements

Translational : this action is related to the total mass of the bodies

  • Thermal inertia:  this is the measurement of the difficulty of a body when modifying its temperature by coming into contact with other bodies.

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