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Examples of Inorganic Trash

Inorganic Garbage is known as that material that we consider as waste, that is to say, useless, this type of garbage is not biodegradable for the system. These usually have a great difference with the organic ones since the inorganic does not have a biological origin, these are manufactured by an artificial process.

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Today many people have opted for the option of recycling in this way the amount of inorganic waste can be minimized and thus be reused in other types of objects.

40 Examples of Inorganic Trash

  1. Soft drink cans or containers.
  2. Disposable plates.
  3. Nylon clothing.
  4. Synthetic Clothing.
  5. Glass bottles or plates
  6. Tires.
  7. Candy wrappers.
  8. Disposable diapers.
  9. Electronic objects.
  10. Pieces of Crystal.
  11. Batteries
  12. Glasses.
  13. Machinery
  14. Tables
  15. Shoes.
  16. Sanitary towels.
  17. Soap.
  18. Candles.
  19. Bikes.
  20. Beds.
  21. Pencils.
  22. Notebooks.
  23. Damaged cars.
  24. Jewelry.
  25. Orthopedic appliances.
  26. Scrap.
  27. Balloons
  28. Computers.
  29. Insecticides
  30. Baby bottles.
  31. Pacifiers
  32. Toys.
  33. Aerosol sprays.
  34. Paintings.
  35. Wood.
  36. Cellophane paper.
  37. Toilet paper.
  38. Chairs.
  39. Refrigerators.
  40. Furniture.

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