Examples of input and output peripherals

Input and output peripherals are defined as those elements that help to have better communication between the computer and the external environment.

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At present, computers have become the most used tool in any type of employment, since it facilitates and improves the excellence of the work. The peripheral devices are useful because without them computers would have no utility.

10 Examples of input and output peripherals

  1. The keyboard: used to enter information into the computer.
  2. The microphone: this makes it easy to input sounds into the computer.
  3. The mouse or mouse: with this you can select the actions that are available in it.
  4. The digital camera:  cameras allow you to take pictures and store them on your computer. They are also used to make videos.
  5. The stylus: this has the function of replacing the mouse for this reason with it you can point out points on the screen.
  6. The scanner: this is intended to photograph flat images and then save them to the computer.
  7. The barcode scanner: this tool allows you to read the code of the products so that they appear on the computer screen.
  8. The webcam: this tool is connected to the computer and is used to capture images.
  9. Joysticks – This tool is used for computer games.
  10. Punched cards – These are used to enter data in the form of holes.
  11. The printer: this is used to get information printed on paper, beautiful drawings or any type of work is also taken.
  12. Headphones: these devices are placed in the ears, the objective they have is to facilitate the sounds emitted by the computer, the advantage is that the information can only be heard by the person who uses them and the others will not hear anything.

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