Examples of Input Peripherals

The input peripherals are used for the communication of the computer with the external environment, the information can be done from the outside to the inside and vice versa, it is the way in which you can enter instructions and obtain the data from the computer.

This tool is important since without it you would not be able to interact with any device. These input peripherals are themselves the components of the system that have the responsibility of supplying the data to the computer, without them the computer does not fulfill any function.

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10 Input Peripheral Examples

  1. The keyboard: it is the first input peripheral through which data is entered into the computer.
  2. Mouse or mouse: it is another of the important tools to use the computer, especially to navigate.
  3. Image scanner or digitizer: with this peripheral you can digitize drawings or photographs allowing them to remain inside the computer.
  4. Joystick or gamepad: this is generally used to command the actions of a game, through which the movements you want to make are guided.
  5. Stylus: used as a tool to enter data to the device is generally used in touch devices.
  6. Fingerprint scanner: This tool allows to analyze the fingerprint through scanning to identify the user.
  7. Bar code reader: it is an electronic device that has a laser sensor capable of reading the code of the articles.
  8. Voice recognition system: this device works through the tone of voice since the computer recognizes and executes commands through the human voice.
  9. Webman: These input devices are used for recording, taking photos which allows you to monitor a site.
  10. Gesture recognition devices: this can be used through gestures without using the mouse or keyboard.

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