Examples of Internet Domains

An  internet domain is vital today for many entrepreneurs, bloggers, among others who seek to have a personalized site name. Basically, a domain is one like , but we also find domains that can be adapted to our country and this improves, positions and increases the number of specific visits to a business or personal site.

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In this opportunity we want to talk to you about the  examples of internet domains  where you know everything about the most used and that can be adapted to your needs.

Popular internet domains are known as  top-level domains which cover a specific territorial level and even today others that are ideal for everyone.

Examples of Internet Domains

Domains by country

  1. .mx:  Exclusive termination for Mexico, it can be  or  .mx
  2. .ar:  Exclusive for Argentina.
  3. .Cl:  use in Chile
  4. .Br:  Used in Brazil.
  5. .Co:  Colombia
  6. .Es:  Spain

Popular top-level domains

  1. .Org:  Ideal for non-profit organizations in general.
  2. .com:  Commercial site.
  3. .Net:  Although its use is more popular now, it is called for internet companies.
  4. .info:  As an option for informational sites.
  5. .edu:  The special option for educational sites.
  6. .gob:  Used on government sites.
  7. .tv:  is available for sites that have to do with television.

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