Examples of invasion games

Invasion games are also known as common or shared court games and they are games in which two teams face each other with the objective of invading the space of the rival team, each team must have a number of mutually equal members, the idea When invading the opponent’s field is to reach the goal using an object that can be a ball, a ring or similar and to win these points or annotations must be achieved in greater quantity than the rival, in turn each team must defend their own space .

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This type of games can be practiced in different places such as courts, fields, swimming pools, tracks and other scenarios. These games are characterized by not looking for differences between players with greater skills and abilities and those who have the least or those who have a better physical condition and those who have the least, and if these differences exist, they should not under any circumstances represent a reason for discriminate. The invasion games can be divided into two types which are the games focused on targets that can be goals or baskets and the games focused on open targets, that is, lines or spaces.

Examples of invasion games:

Examples of invasion games: Soccer .

Examples of invasion games: Basketball.

Examples of invasion games: Rugby.

Examples of invasion games: Handball.

Examples of invasion games: Water polo.

Examples of invasion games: Aerosport.

Examples of invasion games: Lacrosse.

Examples of invasion games: American football.

Invasion Game Examples: Ultimate (Flying Disc)

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