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Examples of Metallic Bond

A metallic bond is defined as the chemical bond that holds   the metal atoms together, the atoms are grouped very closely together which makes their structures very compact.

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The metallic bond is characteristic of metallic elements this type of bond is strong and is always formed with the elements of the same species. Generally, the elements in a metallic bond share a large number of valence electrons thereby creating a sea of ​​electrons surrounding a large lattice of cations.

 10 Examples of Metallic Links

  1. Bonds between cobalt (Co) atoms
  2. Bond between titanium (Ti) atoms
  3. Bond between Lead (Pb) atoms
  4. Bond between Gallium (Ga) atoms
  5. Bond between Iridium atoms (Ir)
  6. Bond between Aluminum (Al) atoms
  7. Bond between copper (Cu) atoms
  8. Bond between the Gold (Au) atoms
  9. Bond between Nickel (Ni) atoms
  10. Bond between Platinum (Pt) atoms

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