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Examples of Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are defined as those rocks that have undergone transformations both in their structure and mineralogical under physical and chemical conditions, changes in temperature, pressure, all these conditions make the original rocks become metamorphic rocks without losing their solid state.

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10 Examples of Metamorphic Rocks

  1. Schist: this type of rock has a higher metamorphism than slate and phyllites.
  2. Marble: Rocks that evolved from limestone rocks that were subjected to high pressures and temperatures. Its main component is calcium carbonate.
  3. Gneiss: These rocks are composed of quartz, feldspar and mica, it has a composition similar to that of granite but with an alternation of light and dark minerals .
  4. Quartzite: these types of rocks have a high content of quartz.
  5. Amphibolite: they are the oldest rocks found.
  6. Granulites: they have been formed by a process of high temperatures, they have a whitish color and maroon-colored incrustations.
  7. Corneal: this type of rock is fired when it is near a heat source.
  8. Slate: Its main characteristic is that it is fine-grained, so its affiliation must be microscopic.
  9. Filita: it has a coarse grain which can be seen with the naked eye, its leaves are large and thin.
  10. Serpentine: This rock is rich in magnesium silicates, its appearance is soft and soapy.

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