Examples of modified games

The  modified games are games that are in the midst of what is considered standard free play and play.

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Modified games have initial rules but they are open to change and modification of these rules in the course of the games in question, this gives an important probability of building and giving rise to new games. Apart from this, the essence of one’s own nature is always maintained in terms of problems of the standard sports game.

Examples of modified games

  1. Blind football which has an average duration of 10 to 15 minutes and in which 16 to 24 people participate, which are divided into two teams, the game is in pairs, holding hands and blindfolded. This game is played with a rag ball and goals can be scored by just one of the players.
  2. Let’s form a bridge is a game that lasts between 5 to 10 minutes and consists of forming a circle and inside is the space that is used to form a hole, no one can speak and communication between the participants is through signs and gestures. It is forbidden to step inside the circle and garments are used for this, the idea is that the participants resolve how to create a bridge which will serve to take the essence of life within a set time.
  3. Pintball is a game where compressed air markers are used with which participants shoot paintballs at other players and those who are hit by the balls are eliminated, although sometimes only momentarily and sometimes temporarily. final which depends on the mode of the game.
  4. Stand Up is a game in which a certain number of participants take a seat and join their arms trying to get up, this they do while keeping their gaze in opposite directions.
  5. Cops and thieves is a game in which one team acts as cops and another team acts as thieves, being the first to catch the thieves and put them in jail. During the game the thieves can be saved as long as their companions touch them, the game comes to an end when all the thieves are put in jail.

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