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Examples of morphology


This word refers to the structure or shape of an object or word, that is, it talks about the physical description of it. It is a branch in charge exclusively of the study of the forms or objects in its external part.

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Depending on the branch under study , morphology is applied to a certain area. In the case of biology, it is responsible for the study of living beings and in the case of linguistics , it is applied to the study of words.

Biological morphology

It is the science that is responsible for conducting studies both in the form and the structure that constitute living beings. This field includes bacteria, cells , viruses, fungi , animals, plants, among others.

Its approach can be merely descriptive , focused only on the structure and characteristics of living beings, or it can be focused on the comparative aspect, contrasting with other species or even between the same species.

With this form of analysis, explanations of modifications or transformations generated in the structures of the organism of living beings can be made based on their environment and from the point of view or historical evaluation, it provides information necessary for the understanding of the species.

Linguistic morphology

In the area of ​​linguistics, we can define morphology as the grammatical part that is responsible for explaining how to classify the operation of the various variables in the forms of words within the structure of the language. It is important to note that morphology fulfills three specific functions or principles, namely:

  • It is responsible for categorizing the word according to its functionality.
  • You study push-ups or various variations of its shape.
  • It is responsible for making an explanation of the processes involved in the composition and derivation of words.

Examples of morphology


  1. Lion / lioness
  2. Cat Cat
  3. Ribbon / ribbons
  4. Sing / sing / sing
  5. I go out / went out / went out
  6. Car cars
  7. Reread
  8. Gardener
  9. Good ones
  10. Coffee / cafeteria / coffee plantation

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