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Examples of Natural Phenomena

Natural phenomena are defined as those events that occur by spontaneous action of nature without human influence. Natural phenomena are unusual or unexpected events that often claim human lives.

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Natural phenomena can be beneficial if it is, for example, a light rain that feeds all the vegetation of the fields, as well as catastrophic when it leaves a balance of dozens of deaths, injuries or damage to infrastructures such as tsunamis or earthquakes.

Natural phenomena can be predictable on some occasions through the different technologies that are currently applied, however, the information will only serve to minimize its impact on the area, since there is no way to oppose the actions of “Mother nature.”

20 Examples of Natural Phenomena

  1. Forest fires.
  2. Snowfall.
  3. Droughts
  4. Aurora borealis.
  5. Eclipses.
  6. Hail.
  7. Rainbow.
  8. Hurricanes
  9. Volcanic eruptions.
  10. Earthquakes
  11. Tidal waves.
  12. Tsunamis.
  13. Rains
  14. Cyclones
  15. Electric storm.
  16. Sandstorm
  17. Seasons.
  18. Ray.
  19. Supernova.
  20. Fog.

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