Examples of Non-Renewable Resources

We explain that what are the examples of Non Renewable Resources? Among the natural resources available to man on the planet, there are those that can be renewed by natural means such as fishing resources or forests, their rehabilitation by natural mechanisms is slow and can take years, decades and even more, but they will regenerate, these resources are known as renewable resources . There is another type of resources that are found in nature and are not regenerated , they are exploited by human beings and whose availability in nature decreases without there being a natural mechanism that allows the replacement of these, they are called non-renewable resources .Non-renewable resources are also counted as those resources that have regeneration cycles lower than the rate at which they are exploited, as is the case, for example, of underground aquifers whose replacement occurs but at such a slow pace that over-exploitation culminates with the depletion of the aquifer

Non-renewable resources are limited and will deplete over time like oil.

Non renewable natural resources48 examples of non-renewable resources:examples of non renewable resources

1. Underground aquifers
2. Agate
3. Drinking water
4. Aquamarine
5. Aluminum
6. Amethyst
7. Bauxite
8. Pitch (fossil material)
9. Carbon
10. Cobalt examples of non renewable resources
11. Copper
12. Chromium
13. Diamond
14. Emerald
15. Tin
16. Natural gas
17. Graphite
18. Garnet
19. Iron
20. Coal
21. Jade
22. Magnesium
23. Mercury
24. Molybdenum
25. Nickel
26. Onyx
27. Opal
28. Gold
29. Palladium
30. Peridot
31. Petroleum
32. Pyrite
33. Silver
34. Platinum
35. Lead
36. Ruby
37. Titanium
38. Topaz
39. Thorium
40. Tourmaline
41. Turquoise
42. Uranium
43. Vanadium
44. Tungsten
45. Gypsum
46. ​​Sapphire
47. Zinc
48. Zirconium

The excessive consumption of non-renewable resources has caused them to decrease considerably, which generates necessary actions such as the restriction of their exploitation and excessive use, as well as the recycling of those materials that can be reused. However, if exploitation continues at the current rate, several of these resources may be exhausted in the near future. This is the case of non-renewable energy resources such as oil, which if they continue to be consumed at the current rate in less than 50 years, the known reserves would be depleted, if their consumption is not improved, other alternative sources are sought, or new deposits of the themselves.examples of non renewable resources


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