Examples Of Norms And Values

We will explain that what are the examples of norms and values with definition and detail to better understand the concept of norms. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the rules are:

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Rule or set of these of mandatory compliance that must be followed to carry out an action, because it is established or has been so ordered.

Set of rules that determine the correct use of language.

Legal precept

Rule that determines the size, composition and other characteristics that an industrial object or product must have.

Square-shaped instrument to adjust wood, stones and other things.

Examples of norms

  1. Moral norms: they are personal and autonomous, that is to say, they are not imposed, but are governed by self-awareness.
  2. Social norms: they are those rules of society that indicate the way in which individuals should behave, which must be complied with by free will or otherwise generate a sanction.
  3. Religious norms: they are those that a certain religious group must follow, whatever it may be, they do not have legal sanction but are followed by internal and personal conviction.
  4. Legal norms: they are general rules dictated by the authority to regulate the legal conduct of the company.
  5. Rules of etiquette: these are the rules that society marks a certain social group to determine the appropriate behavior in a specific society, place and time.
  6. Rules of historical law: are those rights of the past that evolve to the point where they become rules of today.
  7. Technology standard: it is a specification that regulates processes and products to ensure their proper operation.
  8. Quality standard: it is a rule for the activities, which is intended to achieve an optimal degree of quality.
  9. Vector norm: it is an application in mathematics that somehow measures the size of vectors in a vector space.
  10. Euclidean norm: it is the characteristic that defines the Euclidean domains.

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