Examples of office automation programs

We understand the office automation program as that set of tools , applications and techniques that allow optimization of the various tasks that may be presented in the office. This type of program has been created in order to create, store, transmit and manipulate all the information that is considered necessary within an office.

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Current communication through computer channels is much more accessible and viable, thus giving efficiency when it comes to sharing information , thus transforming it manually into a completely electronic format.

More and more programs designed for computers allow us to carry out all kinds of operations related to office automation , and many of them go beyond just offering word processors and slide shows . We are going to analyze some examples.

Examples of office automation programs

  1. The office suite par excellence is undoubtedly Office , created by Microsoft and which in a certain sense sets the standard to be followed by the rest of the programs, mainly because one of the file format standards is the one they have created themselves. Spreadsheets, databases and word processing are some of the programs that are included in the complete suite that Microsoft has and that is sometimes installed on computers that have its operating system. The main drawback is its price, since it is usually quite expensive to buy the original program.
  2. Openoffice has for years been the fiercest rival to the previous package. Originally created by Sun Microsistem after the purchase of another application, Staroffice, it is now an Apache application. It has among its applications a word processor, database, slide show, vector design program and mathematical formulas, among others.
  3. Libreoffice is the continuation of Openoffice after the sale of the latter to Apache, and although its origin in parallel to Openoffice currently has some differences, although it is not possible to notice them externally yet. As for the programs it includes, they are practically the same as those of Openoffice, although all of them are at a much more advanced level of development of versions, since it is already in version 4 while openoffice has not yet made that leap. . Both are available for free and can be installed on all platforms.
  4. Yousendit is responsible for sharing and storing a large amount of information through the cloud, thus allowing visibility to whoever wants it. It is a tool that allows you to perform shared jobs quickly and safely.
  5. Microsoft visio  is a program in great demand due to its ease and extensive handling in relation to the realization of flowcharts in the professional field. Apart from having the necessary tools, it allows to facilitate the work through various predesigned templates, database implementation with graphics and much more.
  6. Excel daily cash balance  is a tool that allows you to keep cash movements and flow control in the company or business. Being quite useful and very practical when it comes to handling it.
  7. Microsoft word  is a tool that allows the realization of various types of texts digitally. Its complete and accessible version allows it to be one of the most widely used programs worldwide.
  8. Powerpoint viewer is a tool that allows and facilitates showing or viewing in a lighter and easier way presentations made in Powerpoint as well as all the usual presentation formats.
  9. Publisher  is a super simple and easy-to-use application, helping you create newsletters, brochures, presentations and much more with the same quality that a professional would do. Its tools are simple and easy to use.
  10. Outlook  is a tool that is easily accessible on a digital level. It allows and facilitates optimal cloud storage allowing you to share the information you want with others.

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