Examples of Ohm’s Law

The ohm law is one where there is a relationship between electrical conductors and their resistance. Therefore ohmic conductors have a temperature resistance that is constant and does not depend on the different applied potential.

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5 Examples of Ohm’s law

  1. Calculate the resistance at which there is a voltage of 6V and a current of 600 Ma.

R = v / I

R =?

V = 6v

I = 600 Ma = 0.6 A.

R = V / I = 6 / 0.6 = 12

Resistance is 12 W.

  1. Calculate the voltage of a circuit where there is a current of 3.5 amps and a resistance of 30 W.

V = RI

R = 30w

V =?

I = 3.5A

V = RI = (30) (3.5) = 105

The resistance is 105 W.

  1. Calculate the current in a circuit in which the voltage of 50V and a resistance of 120W.

I = V / R

R = 12OW

V = 50V

I =?

I = V / R = 50/120

The current is 0.416A or 146Ma

  1. When the refrigerator is connected, ohm’s law is applied since it applies a voltage internally when it is turned on.
  2. When starting a car the starter motor has an internal resistance that is connected to the battery.

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