Examples of Organic Waste

We express that what are examples of organic waste? The organic waste are all waste or debris which composition contains substances organic chemical or also biological materials . They are characterized, above all, because they can rot and emit bad odors under the conditions in which they are stored. This property is what distinguishes them from inorganic garbage, which does not enter a state of decomposition and therefore can be reused.Organic waste could be used as it is, only in a very short time after it has been generated. This depends on the purpose that you want to give it and the product that is going to be obtained from it. An example is orange peels, which freshly detached from the fruit can be subjected to a bath with hexane solvent for the extraction of orange oil. If given much longer, they will tend to rot and dry out, and their oil can no longer be extracted. examples of organic waste

Organic waste is more delicate in terms of storage . It must be gathered in a well-ventilated and isolated place so that no spillage occurs or bad odors are stored. The most common organic residues are fruit peels, uneaten food in homes and restaurants, baked goods that have hardened and are infested with mold, fruits that were left unbroken and the same happened due to the humidity of the environment .examples of organic waste

On the other hand, if it is about biological parts such as organs stolen in surgery or limbs removed by amputation, or materials that have had contact with them, such as used syringes , they must be confined in accordance with the General Law of Prevention and Integral Management of Waste (LGPGIR for its acronym), under the category of Hazardous Biological-Infectious Waste (RPBI). The containers for this are generally red and made of hard, rigid plastic.examples of organic waste

Sorting garbage is an extremely important task. Separating organic from inorganic waste is the only job that citizens should do. Later, the trained personnel will collect them to give them a final separation, and thus be able to direct it to incineration , in the case of organic waste , or to a recycling process, in the case of inorganic waste. It is a teamwork that saves time and efforts to maintain balance.examples of organic waste

20 examples of organic waste

  1. Orange peels
  2. Walnut shells
  3. Eggshells
  4. Banana peels
  5. Onion peels
  6. Mold covered tomatoes
  7. Rusty and fermented apples
  8. Chicken bones
  9. Beef bones
  10. Fruit seeds
  11. Fruit pulp
  12. Leftovers
  13. Chicken entrails
  14. Decomposed shellfish
  15. Mowed grass
  16. Human appendix removed for appendicitis
  17. Syringes used for blood samples
  18. Syringes used for injections
  19. Needles used for blood transfusions
  20. Infected blood samples

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