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Examples of Osmosis

The osmosis is a chemical process that concentrates two solutions together and go through a balancing phenomenon. Osmosis represents a fundamental process where water is the main solvent of the aforementioned chemical or biological mechanism.

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The osmosis is part of an important process for the absorption of nutrients and regulation of fluids in the body. For the osmosis process to be fulfilled, there must be the union of two liquid solutions and a semi-permeable membrane.

10 Examples of Osmosis

  1. When people sweat, water is released through osmosis.
  2. The machines in charge of filtering water, have a material that allows the passage of water without residue of molecules.
  3. Plants receive water through the earth through this process.
  4. The living creatures that live in water fulfill this process.
  5. The large intestine of every person receives water through osmosis.
  6. Desalination plants allow obtaining salt-free water.
  7. The reabsorption of water in the kidneys occurs through osmosis.
  8. The elimination of urine from fish in tanks is generated by this process for the loss of salts.
  9. The water purification process in swimming pools is carried out with osmosis.
  10. If we join the end of a potato with sugar and water, the tuber will function as a membrane and an osmosis process will be obtained.

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