Examples of paradoxical games

People who participate in paradoxical games have total freedom to select a partner at any time and in turn can choose who their opponent is, that is, there is a constant change of roles.

The participant can have another as a partner in a moment and in an instant the same person becomes his adversary.

The dynamics of paradoxical games are based on the interaction system that is generated by the internal logic of the game itself and one of its fundamental bases is the motor communication network.

The ambivalence that exists in the games in question is currently contemplated in game codes . One of the most widespread and accepted definitions of paradoxical games is the one proposed by Parlebas who classifies motor practices, that is, sports games based on the conception of any motor situation as a system in which the participant is linked to their environment physicist and other protagonists.

There are two relevant elements within any motor situation and in which the protagonists attend to the criterion of presence or absence of colleagues or opponents , as well as the space of action.

Examples of paradoxical games

  1. Get on the horse.
  2. Cut them.
  3. X2.
  4. The 4 corners.
  5. Fill the field.
  6. The torch.
  7. Rings and corners
  8. Cut ball
  9. Hideout
  10. The stain

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