Examples of Phishing

Phishing is defined as the tool used by criminals to be able to deceive and obtain the personal information they want from their victims.

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These websites are fictitious, e-mails or through text messages, the information they ask for is for illegal purposes since they begin to extort money from people.

10 Examples of Phishing

  1. Criminals start by sending a number or email posing as a legitimate entity such as a bank or public institution.
  2. By badly logging off the user, this can easily steal card numbers, coordinate key cards or secret password.
  3. They use a strategy to steal all of the person’s data and thus access bank information.
  4. They send private messages to enter the account in this way they can impersonate the user’s identity.
  5. They use buy and sell pages in this way financially scam.
  6. Sales and auctions in this way users make suspicious movements.
  7. In online games, when the gaming platform fails, this allows criminals to steal private data and thereby impersonate your identity.
  8. Cloud storage services use this tool in order to obtain private information.
  9. Services or private companies do this to infect the computer and in this way extract information from personal data and scam users.
  10. The false job offers are also very common, they offer well-paid jobs, sometimes they also offer to earn money from the comfort of your home, this is done in order to obtain the data of the people including their telephone number. For them to communicate with you and explain how the work is but everything is a lie is to start stealing your data.

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