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Examples of physical phenomena

Physical phenomena

Physical phenomena are, according to what is established by physics, changes that matter presents regardless of its state of aggregation, which do not affect its composition, that is, once the physical phenomenon has occurred, the substance has not changed. chemically so its molecules are not altered.

Physical phenomena surround us on a day-to-day basis, since they are basically the interaction of energy with matter. These types of phenomena have general characteristics , such as, for example, that they can be reversible through the inverse physical process or through other physical processes.

For example, chocolate is a mixture that can be salified in a mold, broken, melted again to place it in the same mold and recover its original shape without altering its chemical composition. Also thanks to the phenomena it is possible to change the state of aggregation of matter but this will depend on the characteristics and properties of the material since the factors necessary for this to happen can create a chemical reaction that affects the composition of the substance.

Examples of physical phenomena

  1. Tear a sheet of paper
  2. Melting chocolate
  3. A ball that melts
  4. An earthquake
  5. Water that evaporates when boiling
  6. Water that turns to ice when frozen
  7. Cement that hardens
  8. A tornado
  9. Currents of a river
  10. A ball rolling
  11. Water evaporation
  12. Dilute sugar in water
  13. When we throw a boomerang in the air
  14. Bend a steel nail
  15. Break a door
  16. Freeze an ice cream
  17. Boil milk
  18. Chopping firewood
  19. Paint the walls of your house
  20. When we sweat (we sweat)
  21. When we bend a metal bar
  22. When we deform a league
  23. Tear a paper
  24. When playing a guitar
  25. Molding a piece of modeling clay
  26. Make a sandwich
  27. Evaporation of alcohol
  28. Melting ice
  29. Grating cheese
  30. The rain

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