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Examples of Physical Properties of a Matter

The physical properties of a matter constitute that manifestation of the substance that can be measured or established without it altering the chemical composition of the matter . The physical properties of a matter are visible and for this it is not necessary to implement any type of reaction or experimental processes since they occur under a temporal evolution.

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The physical properties of a matter are evidenced through changes in its physical structure, its deformations or strength. In the case of substances such as water, a physical property of this liquid at its melting point does not imply any change because the water will continue to be water.

15 Examples of Physical Properties of a Matter

  1. Temperature.
  2. Solubility.
  3. Fragility.
  4. Texture.
  5. Malleability.
  6. Conductivity.
  7. Weight.
  8. Mass.
  9. Density.
  10. Boiling point.
  11. Melting point.
  12. Hardness.
  13. Ductility.
  14. Elasticity.
  15. Fusibility.

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