Examples of Planned Obsolescence

We explain that what are examples of planned obsolescence? It is defined as programmed obsolescence to the useful life that some factories give to the products that they manufacture at the end of the useful life period that they give to the product, it will become obsolete, it will be useless.

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13 Examples of Scheduled Obsolescence

  1. Cell phones: these have the years programmed to work well, but after a certain time they begin to fail.
  2. The razors: These are manufactured to be used two or three times after that they become useless.
  3. Coffee makers: this electrical appliance also has its usage time programmed.
  4. Microwave ovens: microwave ovens have their time to falter after a few years and their ability to heat stops working.
  5. Clothing: clothing has its time to cease to exist, since over the years they break down or simply lose their color.
  6. Shoes: shoes, depending on the material used for their manufacture, have their useful life years.
  7. The sheets: the sheets after a few years of use cease to have a useful life since they lose their color or become ugly.
  8. The bulbs: the bulbs are products manufactured to last a few months depending on the use you give them, they can last less than programmed.
  9. Power cables: this type of cable is very sensitive and therefore easily damaged, best of all, they are inexpensive.
  10. Stockings: this type of garment is made with simple material and depending on its use, its duration will be.
  11. Hair garments: are objects made of delicate material which, if not taken care of, will break facially.
  12. School bags: school bags are made of material that usually lasts a year, this is with the idea of ​​selling more products.
  13. The blankets: they are made with a type of material which will last for a certain time after they become obsolete.

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