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Examples of Poriferous

It is defined as Porifera to animals aquatic and invertebrates which form part of the subkingdom of parazoos. Poriferous species do not have organs, nerves or muscles, but they do have an internal skeleton that is made up of spicules. There are a large number of these species and most inhabit the ocean.

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The cells of this type of animal are totally powerful so they can acquire different forms depending on the different needs of the organism. To these poriferous  water enters their body through the pores that they have in their walls, these animals filter their food through their cells which are known as choanocytes. To expel the water they do it through the kiss that is in the upper region.

10 Examples of Porifers

  1. Calcareous sponges: they measure 10 centimeters in length, their reproduction can be of two types: sexual and asexual .
  2. Corneal sponges: these poriferous are formed from the following substances silica and spongin. They feed just like the rest of the sponges.
  3. Siliceous sponges: they have a body that is formed by the spongin and their larger skeleton, their way of reproducing is hermaphrodite and they do it by throwing their sperm into the water, therefore the current is in charge of fertilizing their eggs.
  4. The leather sponge: these have the shape of a kidney, they measure half a span, they are easily found in the coastal area.
  5. Golden sponge: these have a measure of 20 centimeters and there are different colors yellow, brown, brown. Its habitat is the rocky bottoms for the hard ones but these must be illuminated.
  6. Red piercing sponge: this type of sponge is capable of piercing substrates and adapts its body to the perforated part, its color is orange-red or bright yellow.
  7. Bath sponge: this is very useful for humans.
  8. Purple sponge: it has a soft and fleshy consistency and feeds by filtering the circulating water.
  9. Warty sponge: it is one meter high and lives on solid sandy and clay substrate soils.
  10. Gold sponge: has a bright yellow color.

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