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Examples of Protista

Living beings that have cells and that belong to the eukaryotic group are called protists . Protists can have behaviors that resemble the behaviors of certain animals and even some plants.

In general, protists, because they are unicellular organisms, do not fit into any other category, it is made up of unicellular algae, slime molds.

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10 Protista Examples

  1. Plasmodium falciparum: this type of parasite belongs to the protista kingdom and is the cause of malaria which is transmitted by the mosquito.
  2. Plasmodium vivax: This parasite is one of the five species of malaria that harm humans.
  3. Cystoisospora belli: This parasite is known to be the one that causes intestinal disease known as cystoisosporiasis.
  4. Cyclospora cayetanensis: it causes diseases in humans.
  5. Plasmodium Knowlesi: This parasite causes malaria in humans.
  6. Leishmania infantum: This protist is the cause of leishmaniasis in children.
  7. Plasmodium berghei: This type of parasite is a protozoan and is the one that causes malaria in some rodents.
  8. Plasmodium gallinaceum: It is a parasitic species which is the cause of malaria in domestic birds.
  9. Neospora hughesi: This parasite is commonly found in the inflammations that it gives to equines.
  10. Besnoitia besnoiti: This parasite causes disease in cattle.

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