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Examples of Psychological Report

A psychological report is defined as an examination that is written in writing to expose the patient’s situation. This type of report is written through a series of questions that are within the theoretical framework of the psychologist, in order to give a medical result to the patient.

10 Examples of Psychological Report

  1. General data of the patient from date of birth to, degree of education, name of the psychologist.
  2. The reason for the consultation if he is referred by another specialist or on his own initiative.
  3. The psychological techniques that are used.
  4. The family and personal history from the moment of gestation to the present.
  5. General observations of the patient’s behavior from their personal appearance to their way of speaking and acting.
  6. Analysis of the results should show the type of behavior that the patient has.
  7. Psychological diagnosis the result of the psychological examination of the patient is analyzed to rule out any brain injury.
  8. I predict according to the collaboration of the parents, the prognosis can be reserved.
  9. Recommendations this will be treated according to the results of the studies, it can be with individual or family therapies.
  10. Family help It is important that the patient feels the support of his family group so that they are aware of the patient’s progress.

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