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Examples of Psychology

The psychology is a discipline that is responsible for studying the behavior or conduct of the human being, from the mental point of view. Evaluate the sensations and perceptions of a person to understand why they have responded in a certain way in their environment.

This science is one of the few that can be associated with almost all the other sciences and fields in which the human being develops.

25 Examples of Psychology

  1. Associationism
  2. Experimental psychology
  3. Functionalism
  4. Structuralism
  5. Psychoanalysis
  6. Applied psychology
  7. Behaviorism
  8. Gestalt psychology
  9. Cognitivism
  10. Humanistic psychology
  11. Psychobiology
  12. Psychological functions
  13. Psychology of Learning
  14. Evolutionary or developmental psychology
  15. Psychopathology or psychology of abnormality
  16. Art psychology
  17. Personality psychology
  18. Clinical psychology
  19. Educational psychology
  20. Child or child-adolescent psychology
  21. Social psychology
  22. Industrial or organizational psychology
  23. Community psychology
  24. Health Psychology
  25. Emergency psychology
  26. Forensic psychology
  27. Sports psychology

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