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Examples of Pulleys

Pulleys are defined as the tool that is used to transmit a force through a rope to lift an object that is at a different point with the help of it or simply pass it from one axis to another.

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To use the pulley, you only have to place the rope that surrounds the slot of the disc, then the object is attached at one end and as a final step the other end is taken exerting the force downwards to then be able to lift it.

5 Examples of Pulleys

  1. Simple pulleys are easy to use since you only have to place it fixed, you only have to have the same amount of force for both sides.
  2. Mobile pulleys this can be used easily since one pulley is fixed and the other is mobile, the force needed to lift the object must be greater than that generated by gravity since to be able to move a heavy object the half the force exerted on the ground.
  3. Polioastos this type of pulley has a combination of fixed pulleys with a mobile pulley, but that a single rope travels with this, objects with heavy loads can be lifted since with each pulley that is coupled the force needed to lift the object decreases.
  4. Multiple groove pulleys this type of pulleys are used to lift heavy loads since the amount of grooves it has can distribute the load.
  5. Self-locking pulleys with this type of pulley can only lift objects since when the rope begins to rise it is impossible to return the object to the ground.
  6. Staggered, this is generally used for machine transmissions since its speed can be varied thanks to the different diameters that

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