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Examples of Pure and Applied Sciences

The pure sciences correspond to the development of scientific theories that are used to answer or explain the phenomena that occur in the world of science . On the other hand, applied science is a study that is aimed at solving or understanding a specific problem.

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Both sciences are necessary for the study of any scientific field. However, there is a greater inclination of use and functionality of applied science over pure science, this due to the versatility of creation and commercialization that this allows us in the workplace.

12 Examples of Pure and Applied Sciences


  1. Mathematics: Science that allows us to reason and solve data.
  2. Biology: Study that allows us to know the development of the plant, animal and human world.
  3. Geometry: This is a branch of mathematics that allows us to study figures.
  4. Geology: Science in charge of studying the layers that make up the planet earth.
  5. Genetics: Branch of biology that facilitates the study of human creation.
  6. Quantum Physics: Science that addresses the studies of the invisible phenomena of matter .


  1. Medicine: Pioneer of applied sciences. Branch that uses the studies of chemistry, biology and physics for its operation.
  2. Architecture: The use of geometry and mathematics is necessary for its development.
  3. Astronautics: Includes knowledge of medical, physical and chemical sciences.
  4. Pharmacology: The use of biology and chemistry is essential for its understanding.
  5. Electrical engineering: Applied science studied through physics and quantum physics.
  6. Bioengineering: This includes the study of biology, physics, and chemistry.

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