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We will explain the examples of quotes. In the written and spoken language we call a quotation, the rhetorical device that consists of the reproduction (partial or total), of fragments of an expression made by someone else (it can be a well-known person or an anonymous quotation). Likewise, they are also a quotation (literary quotation), those transcriptions made from the texts of others, to which we refer or to which we go during a speech or writing, citing not only phrases, but ideas through complete texts and fragments of These, which allude to what we are talking about, either in a contextual way or as an “authority” regarding the subject dealt with in written documents.

In addition to quotations from texts (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.), there are quotations from radio and television programs, internet pages, as well as from speeches, etc.

Quotes can be made by placing a sign or reference to a text that we are referring to (author, book, magazine, page, chapter, etc.), or by citing a part of the text or the full text to which we do reference. For example: examples of quotes

Use of parentheses book, “the force of words”, page 570 and 549.

Or by means of the faithful transcription, in its case by means of the paraphrase, of what we refer to in an author or book.

The quotations that we write in a text if the quotation is short, that is, it has less than 45 words, it can continue to the text, but between quotation marks (“”) and in italics, while the quotation is a long quotation ( of more than 45 words), this is done in a separate paragraph, in quotation marks, with italics.

Types of Quotes e

Famous.- those famous quotes or phrases that have become famous, can be cited orally or be written, being that if they are written, they are enclosed in quotation marks and are usually inserted in the text or, where appropriate, exposed apart from the text using numbers or a * in the part of the text to which they are related. examples of quotes
Literary.- They are all those that are used in any literary work.
Textual.- These are written exactly the same as the original text, they must be written in quotation marks.
Short textual.- This usually consists of less than 45 words.
Long textual.- This envelope exceeds 45 words, varying in length and extension. examples of quotes
Bibliographic.-These are found in bibliographic records, as well as in book bibliographies.
Highlights.- These, due to their length (they are usually greater than the rest of the citations), are usually placed separately from the main text, placing a number or * in the corresponding part of the text to which they relate.
Integrated.- These are direct, we are talking about textual quotes that are characterized by not interrupting the text.
Paraphrasing.- These are usually short, attributing concepts and ideas to other researchers and authors, they are distinguished by not being in quotation marks like the others, as well as by being articulated within the discourse and context of a work).
Support.-(These are usually references about authors, which help us to support an idea that we are presenting).
Expansion.- (using them you can expand information on a particular topic). examples of quotes
Quotes.- (They are those that cite a secondary source, that is, that refer to a source that in turn draws on another source or the original source of the information).

Quotes are often used as a reference, to expand information, to support arguments, as recognition of the author of a work that we cite, or as in the case of “famous quotes” that are used as proverbs or popular or famous thoughts.

In-text citations are enclosed in quotation marks, as well as in a smaller letter, whether these citations are placed between the text or are written in the margin of the main text (using a * or a number to indicate the citation), as well as in Cursive letter. Sometimes citations can only be made indicating the book and the pages to which it refers, as in the following case, Matthew 7: 7-8: examples of quotes

Which refers to a book (the bible), a section (Matthew’s gospel), a verse, a page, etc. Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you, For everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to the one who calls, it will be opened ”. Matthew 7: 7-8.

Examples of Quotes

(In this example the quote is integrated into the text)

Verbatim quote. In the verbatim quotes, sayings or texts of an author are used, transcribing the quote with the greatest possible fidelity, starting with a capital letter and a quotation mark, and in case the text is very long or that it is not placed in full, they are placed quotation marks and ellipsis at the end of the quotation.

As times advance and science and technology make progress, we ask ourselves: why do we feel dissatisfied if we currently have almost everything? As the wise German scientist put it, “ Why does this magnificent scientific technology, which saves work and makes our lives easier, bring us so little happiness? The answer is this, simply: because we have not yet learned how to use it wisely ”. (* Albert Einstein), giving us to understand that if we do not dedicate ourselves to apply technological advances to those things that we really need or want, scientific advances will be of no use to us, no matter how much they continue.

Verbatim quote.  It was Archimedes who invented the lever as such, because he is said to have said: “Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world.” examples of quotes

Verbatim quote.  My daughter, do not be envious of your cousin, remember what that famous ruler said: ” Envy is a declaration of inferiority”, (quote from a phrase by Napoleon ).

Verbatim quote.  Human beings tend to stumble over the same stone, there are always wars and dissensions, so historically we fall into what Hitler once said: “Perhaps the greatest and best lesson in history is that no one learned the lessons of history ” (phrase is Adolf Hitler). examples of quotes

Citation in a text at the bottom of the page. These can be found in texts such as books, and where the citation is made using a number (1, 2, 3 …) or a (*), placing the citation at the bottom of the page: examples of quotes

(Transcription of a book)

These are usually found under the text of a page or, where appropriate, on another page.

The spring of 1521 arrived, and Padilla, at the head of his ill-equipped forces, thanks to a stroke of fortune, seized the strong castle of Torrelobatón. He remained in inaction instead of trying to make the best of his triumph, while the constable, after defeating Count Salvatierra in the north, marched to the front of a new army to join his son in Tordesillas. Fear, the suspicion that their bosses were dealing with the enemy, sowed confusion in the ranks of the comuneros. Many soldiers deserted, while others indulged in pillage without restraint. Padilla, convinced that it would be folly to fight a battle with his disheartened and undisciplined forces, withdrew as the Count of Haro advanced. While descending through the Douro Valley to protect the Castillo de Toro, they were easily broken and scattered, and although he sought death by fighting like a lion, he had the misfortune of being caught alive. The next day he was executed, together with his second in command(*) enthusiastic, though perhaps not entirely disinterested, champion of the popular cause, he devoted all the strength of his arm to its service; but both his envies and his incompetence made him unsuitable for command, and they harmonize very poorly with the category of hero to which the liberals of our day have elevated him.

—————————————————————————————————————- examples of quotes

(*) With Juan Padilla, their captains Juan Bravo, from Segovia, and Francisco Maldonado from Salamanca were executed: they were summarily tried and sentenced to be slaughtered: when they went to the scaffold riding on mules and the priests nodded, they heard the royal town crier say they were condemned as traitors, what he said angrily Juan Bravo: ” for traitors no more zealous for the public good and freedom of the kingdom, ” Hearing him juan de padilla he said gravely: ” Lord Juan Bravo, was day yesterday to fight like gentlemen, today is to die as Christians » . examples of quotes

Integrated Quotes. These are short contextual citations, so they do not interrupt the text, they are enclosed in quotation marks to distinguish them, or they are also bold for this purpose. These are part of the syntax of the main text, that is, they are not apart from the text so its continuity is not lost.

Currently we have to focus on doing our jobs to the fullest, in the manner of someone who ” prays as if everything depended on God, but works as if everything depended on you .” (San Agustín), in order to carry out our work as efficiently as possible.

Short quote example. When studying the causes of madness, until the beginning of the 20th century many doctors considered as a real cause, the one mentioned by Miguel de Cervantes in the Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha: “In resolution, he became so engrossed in his reading that He spent his nights reading from clear to clear, and the days from cloudy to cloudy, and thus, from little sleep and from much reading, his brain dried up, so that he came to lose his mind. ” examples of quotes

Long quote example. On in vitro fertilization, in “Clinical Embryology” by Keith L. Moore, in the introduction on the subject he says: examples of quotes

“… The techniques of in vitro fertilization (IVF) of oocytes and of the transfer to the uterus of zygotes in the segmentation phase have offered the opportunity to become mothers to many sterile women (eg, due to tubal obstruction ). In 1978 the first children conceived with this type of technique were born. Since then, millions of children have been born through the use of the IVF procedure… ” examples of quotes

Example of referenced citation. These citations include the reference to the source of information, author’s name, work title, place and year of publication.

EVEN with the best administration, a nation is always divided into two totally opposite parties. This nation can be as big as it wants, as united as it can be, but it will always happen.

Namely: examples of quotes

First party: individuals who steal. This is the strongest match.

Second party: individuals who are robbed. This is the biggest.

I leave the reader to choose the party that suits him best, since it is not possible to choose a neutral or transitional party (as is done in politics); According to our interpretation there cannot be such a party! (Honorato de Balzac, The Art of Paying Your Debts Without Spending a Penny . Ed. Espuela de Plata, Venezuela 2010) examples of quotes

Quote with paraphrase. with quotes in which the idea of ​​an author is mentioned, although his words are not transcribed literally: Saint Augustine said that although man is not taken into consideration to be created, he cannot be saved without his will.

Quote from a poem. I love the poetic stanza of our national anthem: “war, war without truce to the one who tries to stain the blazons from the homeland! War, war! the patriotic banners in the waves of blood soak. War, war! in the mountains, in the valley, the horrid canyons thunder, and the sonorous echoes resonate with the voices of union! Freedom! ”… Those words make me vibrate with emotion when I hear them. examples of quotes

Example of a verbatim quote (which does not interrupt the continuity of the text). In Mexico, both in the economy and in politics, we do not have total independence, as Don Porfirio’s phrase reminds us: “Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States.” That is why we must take this situation into account in any type of international transaction in terms of large export businesses, since if we want to export resources, for example to Europe or Japan, we must always take into account the “opinion” of our neighbors when respect. examples of quotes

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