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Examples of Rubbing

The rubbing is a consistent movement that consists of touching the surface of an object with another surface repeatedly with a certain level of strength. This action allows generating energy of various types, and this occurs thanks to the friction that occurs when two objects collide with each other in motion.

It is important to bear in mind that the energy obtained from rubbing will depend on various factors, but one of the most important is the material and characteristics of the objects that are rubbed, for example, if it is two pieces of dry wood it is it will produce heat (heat energy) and can lead to combustion.

However, it is not the only type of energy that is obtained from rubbing, it is very common to see electrostatic energy that is produced when objects meet the characteristics for it, such as rubbing a piece of flannel with a material Like plastic , based on this it must be taken into account that all objects have a neutral electric charge to a greater or lesser extent, they have the same number of protons and electrons.

15 Examples of Rubbing

  1. Rubbing your hands produces heat.
  2. Rubbing a balloon with a piece of dry cloth may attract small pieces of paper or it may also stick to other surfaces.
  3. When a person descends a slide and touches another person with their hand, there is usually a brief spark.
  4. Passing your hand over the skin of a cat or other animal makes its hair stand on end due to the electrical charge that is produced.
  5. Rubbing the head of a match against a smooth surface causes combustion.
  6. Rubbing a balloon on your hair produces energy.
  7. Slide your feet across a mat.
  8. Shooting stars are produced by the friction of particles that enter the atmosphere with great speed.
  9. Rub a mixture or ointment on the skin.
  10. Sand a surface, such as wood or some metal.
  11. The movement that is generated when you open or close a drawer.
  12. Rub a cloth over a surface to clean.
  13. The polishing process.
  14. The brakes of a bicycle, at a given moment experience rubbing with the rubber.
  15. The sweeping process in any of its areas.

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