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Examples of Scientific Essay

Scientific essay

Scientific essays are generally short compositions in which the author presents his own point of view on a scientific topic. The ideas that are exposed are governed by concepts that are accepted by the scientific community and also serves as a means to explain the tools and means through which an analysis of a scientific topic has been or is being carried out .

This type of essay is characterized by being developed from a personal point of view; they usually also include the conclusions that have been reached after an investigation and give rise to other authors to continue with the research work looking for new ideas and discoveries within this field. In the same way, these types of essays usually invite debate to present different ideas and points of view on a topic within the scientific field.

The elements that scientific trials have are:

    • the introduction to the topic
    • the discussion origin research
    • finally the conclusions
They are usually used to analyze and test theories, always focusing on finding a logical explanation and finally determining whether they are accepted or rejected . In some cases, theories that have contrary opinions among scientists can be raised in order to determine which is the most correct, in this sense, bibliographic records are also included, citing the books and encyclopedias used for the research carried out.

Examples of scientific trials

  1. “Essay on global warming: We can understand global warming as the increase in temperature that the earth presents over time, this phenomenon has been highly questioned throughout and it is because other scientists discard it because they pose the argument that the earth can regulate itself. The increase in temperature occurs mainly due to the growing demand around the world, which forces industries to exponentially increase their production in order to meet the demands of their products, we can also take into account the growing demand for energywhich forces plants to produce more and more to be able to afford all the resources that human beings consume every day. All this high demand causes the concentration of gases in the earth’s atmosphere, which results in a phenomenon called “Greenhouse Effect” and seeks to regulate the temperature of the earth bringing with it a series of changes in it, the problem with all this is that carbon dioxide allows even more heat to enter which comes from the sun therefore exponentially increases the heat that is It is present on earth since the heat that enters is not completely dissipated into outer space, this heat remains in the earth and accumulates, causing a series of climatic changes that seriously affect life on our planet.

    Both governments and industries are convinced of the damage they are causing to our only home and while some companies seek to avoid this damage others simply ignore all this and continue to do even more damage to our planet. The problem that we do not act right now to prevent future catastrophes is already arising with the great climatic changes that the earth has presented in recent years from the great earthquake in Mexico to the great tsunami in Japan.

    Both the government, society and industries must give more importance to this problem since in the future it will affect the lives of our future grandchildren, children and even ourselves, we have a lot to learn as a society to be able to face this type of problems and avoid with anticipation of catastrophes that we may regret in the future. “

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