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Examples of Scientific Knowledge

The scientific knowledge can be linked to knowledge in the field of science because of its name, however, there are certain elements that make it different.

Basically it is defined as all kinds of knowledge acquired through the use of scientific methods and pedagogical techniques developed to understand different types of phenomena. It is also applied to correct previously learned notions and concepts.

Scientific knowledge is governed based on structures and methods , such as observation , hypotheses , the same task of testing these hypotheses or, failing that, discarding them In this process, experimentation, theories and the application of scientific methods are also included.

All the aforementioned and especially the experimental methods , are important elements for the subsequent creation of laws that are applied to explain different phenomena that occur in the world.

Scientific methods are used to acquire knowledge within the field of science . They can leave aside the knowledge that is acquired in other fields such as philosophy or sociology.

It is necessary to mention that there is also some debate in the fact that this type of knowledge is linked to the truth and in this regard there are even today many experts in the field who seek to improve techniques and methods.

Examples of scientific knowledge

  1. The discovery of penicillin.
  2. Newton’s laws.
  3. The laws of universal gravitation.
  4. The elements that make up the periodic table.
  5. Thales’ theorem.
  6. Why seismic movements occur.
  7. The Theory of Relavitity.
  8. Mendel’s laws of genetics.
  9. Conclusion of the process of rotation of the earth around the sun.
  10. Components of a molecule

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