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Examples of Simple Machines

The Simple Machines are known as devices that come to change the intensity or direction of energy under mechanical work, these machines are used to triple the force , which is to be achieved is less effort when performing a work, that is, to do it easily and safely.

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These machines arose to solve problems of daily activities in the least expected time, as time passed these tools were perfected.

Simple Machine Types:

  • Levers: it is a straight and very strong device that helps to lift heavy things.
  • Screw: has a spiral-shaped thread that helps to securely hold objects .
  • Pulleys: machines used to lift heavy loads, it has at its disposal belts that you pass through its wheels.

20 Examples of Simple Machines

  1. Slide.
  2. Water pumps.
  3. Bike.
  4. Wheelbarrow.
  5. Cranes
  6. Rod.
  7. Car.
  8. Pair of scissors.
  9. Axe.
  10. Balance.
  11. Endless screw.
  12. Sailing boat.
  13. Manual Drill.
  14. Bow and arrows.
  15. Spring.
  16. Chisel.
  17. Oars
  18. Pendulum.
  19. Hammer.
  20. Cradle.

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